How It Works

Take Your 3D Photo

Step into our 3D Booth of a 360 degree array of 178 cameras that will capture you all around from head to toe producing the best possible 3D figure.

Upload Your Image

Can’t make it to us in person?

Upload your image instead for the for the next best thing.

Get Your 3D Preview

When we capture your image in our 3D Booth, you’ll also receive this 3D rotating GIF image that you can download and share as you please. You get an early preview of what your 3D Figurine will look which you will receive within 24 hours after taking your photo!

If you’ve uploaded your image, don’t worry! Once our 3D artists have completed editing your image from the 2D photos that you’ve uploaded, we’ll be able to provide you a preview of your image as well!

Digital 3D Editing

Our 3D artist perform editing on all of our images before they are sent to the printer.

High Definition editing is included in all of our prints. There is no need to worry about any anomaly that you may see in your rotating 3D GIF image.  If necessary, limb recreation or object even object removal is possible! 

You can provide any comments you have for our 3D artists when you’re placing your order.  We make every effort to ensure that the images are edited according to your requests, within reason.

3D Printing and Delivery

All of our 3D Figurines are printed with a UV protection and water resistant coating to provide extra protection from the sun and moisture.  The protection coating will also enhance the look and feel of your figurine for you to enjoy for years to come!

The 3D Figurine Printing Process