2D to 3D Figurine Photo Guidelines

2D to 3D Figurine Photo Submission Guidelines

  • Take a full body photo from the front, each side, and the back.
  • The photo should be full length from head to toe.
  • THe faces need to be clearly visible (No kissing poses)
  • Hands/arms close, preferably touching the body.
  • Avoid photos with hands on the face.
  • Both feet should be on the ground. (Otherwise the figurine may break easily)
  • Send the largest file size for each photo (1-5 MB)
  • Bright colorful clothes with patterns and logos are recommended.

Things to Avoid

  • Shadows on the face. This will print gray in color
  • A wide open mount (as it will print like a black hole)
  • Photos with hands on the face.
  • Glasses
  • Bright lights casted causing sharp glares on the face and on bald heads
  • Low resolution pixilated photo
  • Squinting Eyes
  • Black and White Photo
  • All black or all white clothing.